Reporter Loses his Mind for a Good Cause


Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad were uttered by Euripides 425 years before Jesus was born.  The 1963 production titled Shock Corridor used this as an introductory and concluding byline.

A less than honorable reporter, played by Peter Breck(Nick Barkley-Big Valley), faked insanity to gain admission into an insane asylum. His lunacy was justified as he was doing a piece of investigative journalism to determine who murdered a patient.

The picture below shows Breck’s character Johnny attacking Wilkes who was the killer. This scene happened in the hydrotherapy room where a catatonic schizophrenic soaked undistracted by the violence of the fisticuffs.

Johnny’s plan of bringing a criminal to justice missed its mark as he also went crazy in the midst of all the institutional head cases, not being a credible witness even after he coerced a confession from psychiatric ward employee Wilkes.

Breck characters specialized in playing angry, hot headed roles and  this one succumbed  as predicted  by Euripides.

Movie Shock Corridor


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