Square-cut diamond and a sable coat.


You gave him up for a square-cut diamond and a sable coat uttered Somerset Maughm to an insincere and duplicitous wealth chasing woman. These words described the gold digging female in a 1946 movie titled The Razor’s Edge. The acquisitive, materialistic, status seeking character played by Gene Tierney dumped Larry Darrell.

Larry Darrell was not ambitious enough for her, so she married a wealthy man having two children with a guy she did not love. Larry departed for India securing the services of a spiritual guru and experiencing a transcendent one with God moment high in the mountains.

The film’s title implies that finding spiritual purity and salvation is as challenging as walking on a sharp razor.


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  1. A little more detail to your short review: Some of the supporting cast including Lucile Watson, Frank Latimore and Elsa Lanchester. Herbert Marshall played Somerset Maugham. The film was directed by Edmund Goulding, a very capable director who is often left out of reviews of The Razor’s Edge which tells the story of Larry Darrell, an American pilot traumatized by his experiences in World War I. Darrell may well have had a mild case of what we call nowadays as PTSD. He was not sucked in by attractive women, fame or fortune preferring a simple, humble, material free life made possible by deep soul seeking meditation.

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