Bitcoin: Hero of the Unbanked


NICK SPANOS hit the nail directly on its shiney head when he stated that bitcoin is filling a massive niche. That niche is people who don’t trust/want credit card companies, banks and other financial intermediaries TO KNOW WHAT THEY BUY, WHEN THEY BUY, AND WHAT TIME THEY BUY GOODS AND SERVICES!

Spanos called this segment of the world population the unbanked. Nick’s neologism for those who do not trust financial institutions will stick. ACH transactions take 4 days to process and will get slaughtered by BTC!

Minor Hiccups like bitcoin ATMs in Albuquerque NM USA taking your USD without giving you BTC will not slow down the world’s number one crypto currency!



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  1. The service British entrepreneur Jonathan Levin is providing, regarding the validity of an arbitrary bitcoin transaction, is proof of the staying power of the world’s premier digital currency!

    Levin’s Proprietary software analyzes the block chain an assigns a probability that measures the likelihood of criminal activity or fraud associated with the transaction.

    The 27 year old is much more out in the real world and accomplishing game changing innovation than his counterpart dean at Stanford Graduate School of Business who spends his time testing kids on dated textbook economic concepts.

  2. CNBC Financial writer Rebecca Ungarino probably got some payola for hyping a fella named Baruch who allegedly has predicted a lot of the bitcoin movement

    1. Campbell Harvey, a finance professor at Duke University, just cemented his idiocy attempting to colloborate with MIT eggheads to destroy bitcoin. A blowjob or two from sexy teaching assistants might help with this real world dysfunctional academic.

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