Black Child scared crazy over person dressed in easter bunny suit


Cassandra Bryson does have legal action against that Kissimmee, Florida USA daycare.  But only because, an employee at the World Learning Center took the video despite the fact that Cassandra filled out an authorization form which stated her child could not be recorded for any reason.

Bryson’s toddler daughter was terrified by a human in an Easter bunny costume who made a surprise visit to the classroom.  The video captured the horrified countenance of the young Black child and quickly went viral. I believe Mom sold the rights to the video to Inside Edition TV Program, quickly cashing in on her scaredycat kid’s over sensitivity.

This matter should be viewed as a possible parenting issue. Bryson’s offspring was only child in the room who was afraid of the cute easter bunny. What is with this strange case of Masklophobia?

So, yes the mother has a legal right to retain an attorney to initiate a law suit, but PLEASEEEEEEEEE!




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  1. You are extremely arrogant and insensitive to make fun of a scared to death young African American child!
    ROWENA WISEMAN has written at length about Masklophobia and how the St Kilda football club mascot traumatized her two year old unintentionally, of course.

    Please be more informed before spouting off so judgementally!!

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