Folks waiting in line at southeast NM USA cannabis dispensary


Roswell NM USA has all the characterisitics of a social experiment in the sense that American psychologist Norman Triplett defined it. Some of the subjects write letters to the editor of the small town newspaper expressing myriad opinions  and contrasting views. Maybe the powers that be implement policies based on the letter writing? I keep up with the 5th largest city in New Mexico in spurts so I dunno. What I do know is that Keith Bell had many followers based on his witty and truth revealing cartoons.

We have the pleasure of spending some of our summer months there and love the weather(not counting the wind), the affable cowboy types and the lack of huge city traffic congestion.

Their newspaper seems to repel the talented contributors like Keith Bell , Curtis Michaels, and Craig Abalos. These intelligent individuals no longer write for the local newspaper for reasons mostly unknown to me.  As a former editor, the high turnover of content writers was very much a hassle and hard to manage which is why I am no longer in that field.

Just today, scanning through online version of the RDR, I noted that Curtis Michaels wrote a public awareness letter to editor about an unfenced Recreation Center playground and a child being hypothetically run over by a speeding downhill vehicle. I don’t know if there was any bad blood or if Curtis just moved on to greener pastures? They published his letter, so probably the latter.

My main interest today is actually related to the photo you see below of people waiting in line outside to legally purchase marijuana at a place not too far from the wildly popular Mexican Food place named Burritos and More.

Apparently the owner of the cannabis dispensary was late or just accepting customers one at a time. I don’t have a strong opinion regarding the legalization of pot as it is well known to have medical value allowing doctors to write prescriptions.  There appears to be around 6 people waiting and the line was longer before we dined.

People waiting in long line for medicinal marijuana in Roswell NM USA


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  1. Dr? Craig Abalos wrote a very sensible piece in the Santa Fe New Mexican strongly advocating the legalization of our favorite herb.

    Abalos notes that our Legislature is egregiously underfunded and that the proceeds for legally selling marijuana would partially remedy that underfunding. He characterizes conservatives who oppose this solution as deluded.

    I don’t see any gaping holes in his logic.

  2. I believe that picture you posted is Compassionate Distributors or something owned by Ruidoso attorney Mandy Denson. Her gun was used to kill Chad Bailey at a medical marijuana compound close to Ruidoso.

    It is not clear in news stories whether Mandy was romantically involved with Chad or if the the shooting was ever categorized as a homicide/murder or if he was just trying to steal a bunch of weed.

    The office of the medical examiner has listed Bailey’s death as “undetermined” which sounds a little suspicious.

    Also, I guess Johnathon C. Swerczek must not have been one of the “legal” customers standing in that line. He was arrested for possession of marijuana.

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