Please Exit Dez Bryant


The time has come for Desmond Demond Bryant’s employment with the Dallas Cowboys to be severed. Jerry Jones needs to step up to the plate on this matter as Dez’s selfish play and declining skills cost the Cowboys a legitimate appearance in playoffs after Detroit had lost earlier in the day.

The Cowboys were controlling time of possession, with a 6-0 lead and possession near midfield, when the immature wideout did not protect the ball after a catching a pass. A Seattle DB alertly punched the all out of the former Oklahoma State Cowboy star’s grasp giving the Seahawks a short field. Seattle scored a touchdown and the game’s momentum swung in their favor.

Prior to the fateful, playoff season ending turnover, Dez was upset at his lack of playing time and not being targeted enough by the Cowboy QB. Dez’s selfish, not give a crap about the team attitude, goes all the way back to the famous Green Bay no catch where the boisterous receiver took an unnecessary risk trying to score a touchdown rather than coming down with a first and goal at the one yard line.

Based on tweet evidence, KTVB Brian Holmes,Bill Bellis FOX 32,Skip Bayless,Joe Trahan,Brad Townsend,Kate Hairopoulos,philippe lafleur and many others would NOT oppose the dismissal of a substandard, if not toxic, member of our beloved Pokes.

Advice to Bryant:  skedaddle on out of Dallas. Invest 25% of your financial holdings in Bitcoin to drive up the price for the common man. Use the rest to travel and take care of yourself and your loved ones. You gave fans plenty of exiting moments dude and we thank you for that!



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  1. I get how you feel. The cowboys worked hard to get the lead. Had a chance to take it down the field and go up 13-0 in a defensive struggle and Dez is careless with the football and probably cost them the game!

    I don’t know what your childhood was like, but it is tough to shake if you watched your mom and dad scream at each other with threats of physical abuse. I think Dez is still trying to cope with that despite all his earlier success in his career. He was attracted to some those sexy white girls in London who were looking to hook up. Maybe that is still on his mind.

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