Retired Teacher Blaming Parents for her Failings


The current debate about whether derelict parents  are the primary cause of student failure in our public school system will never be resolved conclusively. Lisa Roberson’s assertion that it is 100% the parent’s fault is 100% BULLSHIT and she cannot be part of intelligent conversations about the dysfunctions our schools.

The following insightful and revealing observations by educator and special needs mother Jamie Sumner is far more towards a solution than the incoherent babbling prouduced by the Wrens, Georgia imbecile:

“I have taught public and private and homeschool and one-on-one. I have had students with learning disabilities who pulled Ds to As with diligence and learning services. I have had geniuses (actual IQs disclosed with pride) who failed my class due to lack of interest and motivation and foresight. I have had parents ignore my emails for 8 months out of 9 until final exams and letters with the principal’s signature brought them running. I have also had parents with my phone on speed dial and parents who pulled me aside in shiny suits to suggest that I look back through the grades and try to see how, “we can’t find him that A.” I’ve see the gamut.”


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  1. Sully Witte addresses the who is to blame question in a much more objective fashion than you sir. Moultrie citizens have endured both sides of the teacher versus parents debate quite patiently.

    Most of her views depend on the sage observations of Jody Stallings. Understand that many so called unsupportive parents are busy as hell eking out a living!

    Stallings’ characterization of some parents as apathetic, absentee, immature, or negligent is a tad too judgemental for my tastes as Stallings has a reputation of being a control freak in parent/teacher conferences.

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