Right Thing Happened in Sacramento


Until the question of which black man was breaking car windows on the 7500 block of 29th Street in South Sacramento, all the police brutality accusations are on hold. The officers who shot Stephon Clark were informed by eye in the sky helicopter video that it was probably Stephon Alonzo Clark.

Then Stephon Clark broke a window in the backyard of another home which led to him being shot by police officers doing their job.  Ask  Kia Morgan-Smith or  Sally Schilling what they think about police officers, who are just doing their job, being villified by the media and ignorant black folks.

The dead fool happened to be vandalizing the window of his grandparent’s house which the pathetic liberal media seems to think is OK. This kind of deceptive left wing reportage is why our savior Donald Trump is USA president!


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  1. Your are damn right BRO! The right thing happened to a punk who had a criminal record which including convictions for robbery, abusing the prostitutes he pimped for, break-ins of vehicles, and domestic abuse! Derrell Roberts, who calls himself a mentor, says Clark’s criminal history is not big deal. Don’t take your kids to that mentor mothers. Clark should have been in jail and not on the streets! Justice was served! One less gangsta on the street!!! Aunt Shernita Crosby a pathetic role model trying to mimimize the offenses of her hoodlum nephew.

    NBA athletes are fools for standing up for that little beeeeatch. Black men will continue to get shot dead until they figure it out. You give a cop an attitude or not get on the ground when you are told to get on the ground, then you will just have to accept your miserable fate.

  2. Don’t know if USA Today writer Elizabeth Weise knew Clark was an abusive PIMP with a lengthy criminal record. Wanda Cleveland walked out in front of police car EXPECTING officer to stop. She got knocked on Black Asss. Not a very intelligent educator, but she is only a paraeducator who mouths off way too much at city council meetings. Just hope law enforcement spokesman Shaun Hampton stands his ground about how the Black animals instigated the violence at protests.

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