The Real Value of Chris Mills’ Financial Commentary Might be Zero


Chris Mills, of Montreal, attempts to piggyback off the three day old commentary of Morgan Stanley analyst James Faucette. Faucette sent out notices to MS clients to NOT touch Bitcoin with a 10 foot pole since it MAY have a valuation of 0.

I would expect BGR to vet their prospective financial writers much more thoroughly than they did with MIlls. Bitcoin ranks 14th amongst all the world currencies according to Moas who has an infinitely higher financial pedigree that Mr Mills.

Mills, who said nothing original in his copycat article, which was attempting to impugn the world’s number one digital currency, could do no better than to repeat the hackneyed Dutch tulip bubble financial disaster. Stick to tweeting while you are skiing Chris.


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  1. DEREK THOMPSON stated that all currency is a consensual delusion. When Thompson wrote his brilliantly neutral article for The Atlantic, Bitcoin was circa 10,000 USD. The day after Xmas it will reward its loyal adherents by threatening the $16,000 threshhold and driving its only stock GBTC higher for investors who had the guts to hold it.

    Did you know Bitcoin has more value as a fiat currency than the total valuations of many European currencies? There are some isssues transaction times and fees that will be worked out. So be patient investors. With powerhouses like EBAY strongly considering accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, stay LONG on cryptocurrency.

    BTW, did you read the other copycat writer for Fortune named JOHN PATRICK PULLEN who made Mills look good?

    Also a classic example of the Peter principle is located in Massachusetts. William Galvin, secretary of the Commonwealth, ignores the global financial currency juggernaut saying there is no product. Our planets 17 million bitcoins are worth around 250 Billion USD! Galvin’s opinion is crass ignorance!!

    I knew investment strategist and institutional money manager Ivan Martchev in college. He cheated his way through math and economics. Savvy investors would do well to ignore anything he has to say about bitcoin.

    United Kingdom financial writer ABIGAIL MORRIS put her name on the weak/fallacious commentary of Dennis Gartman who stated Bitcoin will be left to “far more courageous” or “far stupider” traders. Gartman is another senile, bitter old man who did not get in early enough. The Tar Heel was analyzing cotton supply/demand in the U.S. textile industry way back in the 70s and should just drift off into the sunset rather than talk about something he does not understand.

    1. Happy to have came across this obscure site! I noticed that you are in a buy on the dips investemnt strategy for GBTC. I concur one hundred percent that storage and security of bitcoins, now including Segwit2x, is TOO Stressful. The burden of securing the precious cryptocurrency is on the back of guys like Lawrence Summers of Western Union. At this time, the Institutional Holdings for the exciting Grayscale Trust is 2.25%. Take the pessimistic commentary of Everett Rosenfeld with a grain of salt.

      The following comment from the Ripple website humorous echos our feelings here:
      Create a wallet offline.. and write its secret key on paper and store it in a waterproof plastic bag inside a fireproof vault and then bury the vault under your reinforced concrete safe room/bunker house inside a mountain. Nuke the mountain a few times when you want it out. Now that is a strong argument to hold BIT-GBTC!

      Exercise much more prudence than Adjei Asamoah who claims Shinebit.oi ripped off his bitcoins. He was trying to seek legal remedy on comment board for segwit2x futures. Lucas Ezequiel Bolivar politely told him to do his due diligence rather than waste everybody else’s time.

  2. Thank God for the excellently well researched and thoughtful article by Frances Coppola amidst all the tripe that is being published by buffoons who would better serve us to write about their ski trips!

    Every damn article about the world’s leading cryptocurrency has the word MAY in its title. However the Coppola article speaks of the bitcoin scalability trilemma which is it is NOT possible to have full decentralization, a fixed money supply and sufficient liquidity for an efficient payments system.

    Frances is right, but so what? BTC is still valued at around $13000 per coin because of it’s store of value function in countries with failing currencies for example. ALSO there is clearly a HUGE market for peer to peer financial transactions where both parties are willing to wait a few hours AND WILLING TO PAY THE TRANSACTION FEE!

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    Robinson, who calls himself a Strategic Tech Investor, is actually just a guy who is hoping he can make money off of writing about how to accumulate a lot dead presidents by buying and selling BTC!

    Yo! don’t you know Michael would NOT share his get rich scheme in a book. He would just remain silent and rake in the FAT STACKS Walter White style! Don’t be the lamb suckas getting slaughtered by this silver haired wolf!

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