Will you be in your office Friday, Professor?


A friend working as an adjunct professor in New Mexico sent me this email solicitation by a textbook hoarder named Bret, who has an email address of Bret@textsforamerica.org.

Bret, who did not disclose his last name, says he really wants to make a difference by helping college students get really cheap textbooks. Bret also claims to have worked with tons of faculty at this particular land of enchantment school.

Bret’s real priority is to buy cheap and sell high, a business strategy that is obviously brilliant if you can pull it off.  Bret will suffer the same fate as Taylor Hoard who flooded an entire school district with junk email. He won’t get any business by sending unwanted email.

And no Bret, adjunct educators will not be in their office Friday.

Desperate textbook salesman


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