Woman Brings Fetus and Eggs to City Council Meeting


This piece is about women, who cannot afford to have children, having children anyway. Some of these financially unstable females then complain that the government does not give them enough services and money to properly raise their offspring.

A mother of three begged Richmond, Virginia’s city council  for better living conditions in the city’s public housing neighborhoods.

Sha’Ronda Taylor proudly displayed what she said was her miscarried fetus along with all her eggs which means she can have no more kids(a good thing!!).(DNA TESTS SHOULD BE REQUIRED!)

Taylor says she moved out of her Creighton Court apartment due to lack of heating and a mice infestation that were present when she moved in.(I am surprised she did not whine about not being provided with mouse traps)

She says the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which manages the city’s public housing units, put her family in a hotel. Predictably, the broke and destitute Taylor complained there was no stove to cook food.

Sha’Ronda(a distinctive African American name) says the extreme stress and uncertainty of the circumstances caused her to lose her job and have a miscarriage.

Sha’Ronda wailed away at the city council meeting well beyond her time limit. Security officers attempted to remove Taylor from the premises, but the City Council president allowed the helpless ward of the state to babble on.

 Much thanks to columnist Alice Minium for doing excellent research and being the major source of information for this article!

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  1. Sincere Kirabo would have some valuable reflections on your very judgemental post condemning this Black woman. I think Kirabo should, like Shirley Chisholm, speak more to black men abandoning their wives which creates a near impossible child rearing experience and single woman regardless of gender!

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