World Governments Aiming at Elusive(Unhittable) Bitcoin Target


Was tickled to the point of laughing out loud at the following notice I saw on the internet at

BITCOIN WARNING: Government issues Ponzi scheme alert over cryptocurrencies

Now consider the following notice issued by bitcoin to the governments of the world:

GOVERNMENT  WARNING:  Bitcoin is becoming the de facto global currency and store of value.

Venezuela, Zimbabwe(MacDonald Dzirutwe ), and Japan all trade bitcoin in ultra high volumes. When Australia, Israel, China, and South Korea attempted to ban it, Joseph Young noted the value of  the leading cryptocurrency increased!


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  1. So Greg Michalowski was discussing MA at a technical analysis discussion board and making fun of Mom and Pop investors who do NOT know what MA means. Greg never actually explained what MA means. Hmmmmm

    MJ Nawaz adamantly states that bitcoin is a long term hold despite its wild oscillations. I think its cool being LONG on GBTC when the prosperous country of Japan effusively embraces it!

    1. Boston Globe writer Jeffrey D. Sachs declared that bitcoin will fail because corrupt issuers of fiat currency(US government) will shut them down. Good luck with that Jeff! Hehehehaha

      A cute sidenote is digital currencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Lite Coin do not feature in Google’s list of currencies. Google’s search bar has a currency conversion tool showing the Indian Rupees equivalent of the value of bitcoin in real time. This is perfect timing! The Reserve Bank of India(RBI) receiving complaints against banks for not accepting coins. Finance Minister Shiv Pratap Shukla better figure that out as he could be working at an Indian McDonalds when the Rupees get supplanted by BITCOIN!

      Bitcoin is listed between Bhutanese ngultrum and the Bolivian boliviano.

  2. I was not suprised to learn that Merrill Lynch(Dallas, TX USA) recently has prohibited its clients from purchasing shares of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), the only regulated bitcoin investment vehicle in the US market operated by Grayscale Investments, the brokerage piece of Digital Currency Group. I dropped ML many years ago as they were one of the worst brokerage firms to institutionally engage in stock churning.

    I believe it is a violation of the financial Hippocratic Oath to not make GBTC, at least, available to ML customers! Transfer to Charles Schwab who lists GBTC and executes trades(buy/sells) for $4.99 per trade! Your broker not allowing you to purchase security, especially the world’s numeral UNO cryptocurrency, is anti-competitive. Drop Merrill Lynch like a lead weight for not giving you the opportunity to earn breathtaking profits!!

    British financial columnist Eric Lam spoke of the digital currency’s evangelists named Roger Ver, known in the industry as “Bitcoin Jesus.” I doubt this Jesus would get along too well with Tidjane Thiam of Switzerland. The Credit Suisse chief executive actually stated “The only reason today to buy or sell bitcoin is to make money” Hmmm…. sounds like why most people work Tidjane. Car Salesman, Real Estate Agents, fast food workers, teachers, and all professions ARE ALL IN IT FOR THE MONEY. Maybe half a percent of the masses would work if they were NOT paid!

    Seeking Alpha writer Tom Yuz feebly attempts to compare Milken Bond failure to BTC. He does not understand its source of valuation. The USD also has fluctuating value. It’s called currency trading.

    1. Seeking Alpha “investment writer” bill Maurer is rapidly losing any credibility he ever had. I have made around $1800 as amateur investor on GBTC buying through Schwab at $4.99 per trade.

      Maurer’s Wild guess of a $10000 peak was wrong! He also falsely publishes 100% premium for GBTC when it’s really only 42%.

      Middle school math allows us amateurs to calculate that Bill. Find another job. You are washed out publishing one false story after Another!

      1. I had some respect for financial writer AURORA BOSOTTI until she published her interview with bitcoin trader Arthur Hayes. The article stated BITCOIN’s price will increase to double its current value as investors continue to bet their money on the retail-led cryptocurrency exuberance. Arthur’s smarmy insincerity in bitcoin going up is obvious. needs to improve the vetting of pieces they publish or their American readership will decline.

  3. Ofir Beigel did a beautiful job of explaining why Bitcoin Transaction fees remain pending Pending or Unconfirmed for soooo long! Steven Hay also has been a great deal of help in untangling the reasons why it can take so damn long!

    I believe it was Zsofia Elek who warned of the risk of low dollar ATM bitcoin transactions vaporizing.

    Sexy Wall Street Journal writer CRYSTAL KIM mentioned GBTC steady gains in her Barron’s article AND spoke of influence of Prospect Theory on investor risk taking level.

  4. I thought I was looking at Kim Kardashian when I watched real estate agent Samantha DeBianchi on a Bret Kenwell video about texas guy who paid $4,000,000 for a house in bitcoin. When it came time to close, BTC shot up an extra MILLION and the Longhorn bought a damn Lamborghini!

    I bet Samantha has closed many deals with those sexy lips in the bathrooms of high dollar homes. The video did not show her buttocks unfortunately.

  5. I am sure Evgeni Grinberg would agree with the title of this article regarding BTC being a currency/commodity that WILL NOT BE EXTINGUISHED BY ANY GOVERNMENT OR CENTRAL AUTHORITY.

    However Mr Grinberg, It is pathetic how you try to win arguments on internet discussion boards. Get a life Evgeni! In the name of Christ! DUDE, how is it that you enjoy “winning arguments” against losers you can not even speak to face to face?! That makes you more of a LOSER than those little punks even?!!??

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