14 ounces of Tasty Medium Rare Steak


My apologies for the crass post title, but I really wanted to get to the point after the best steak of my 50 years of life at Texas Land and Cattle Company in Albuquerque, NM. The picture of the steak and asparagus you see was served to us by a sexy waitress named Teena who is working her way through nursing school and supporting her out of work husband. The picture misses the tasty steamed spinach that accompanied the dish.

Mouth Watering Medium Rare Steak TLC Steak House

We always stop at either Cracker Barrel or Texas Land and Cattle Company in Albuquerque on our way from Glenwood Springs Colorado to Hobbs,NM. None of the cities in southeastern New Mexico are large enough to sustain a TXLC so we stop at TXLC anytime we are in Texas or Albuquerque! The 14 ounces of mouth-watering medium rare steak you see in the picture was cut from a grain-fed cow and was smoked to a delectable perfection!

All the employees at TXLC in Albuquerque are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I believe a few of them found their job at snagajob.com which informs us that 19 of the 25 Texas Land and Cattle Company Steak Houses are in Texas! Gosh, I wish more would open up in New Mexico and Colorado!

BTW snagajob.com seems to have filled the important employment niche which specializes in helping hourly workers find the right job(part-time or full-time) for that difficult schedule that balances being a Mom, going to school, and working at the same time.



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