A low riding car named StreetBound


Was reminded of Barcroft Car, and how via Hydraulics Lowrider Cars appear to defy  the law of gravity, when we saw this venerable looking low riding vehicle named StreetBound in Roswell NM at a Farmers Country Market parking lot.

First thing I wondered was how much the dude who owned this slick looking car had spent to get it such tip top shape! Wheels, upholstery, undercarriage, rims, engraving, etc can add up to big bills in a hurry. I bet the lowrider you see in the picture is still a work in progress that has cost the owner at least 50 thousand dollars.

Was reading where Corey Jones, who has customized his Camaro with a gigantic set of 32-inch  green rims, is driving a vehicle worth around 100K! That is too impressive, but this homeboy would be worried about vandalism and insurance costs. Think about it man…..you spend 3 or 4 years customizing and tweaking and then some high school punk rear-ends you at busy intersection. No way insurance company could pay you back for all that sweat and hard work and you probably could never full restore what you had with the accessories and all.

I remember making fun of the Hispanic culture back in Odessa, Texas about how those boys name their cars something like dressed to kill or undertaker. Seemed weird to me, but man, if  a dude pours that much money and time into their labor of love, then I get it! Nothing but respect.



Classy silver chain steering wheel in Roswell NM low rider named StreetBound
Classy silver chain steering wheel in Roswell NM low rider named StreetBound

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  1. Articulate Kyle T. Cowan of Albuquerque has a right to be quite upset with APD after a hot headed motorcycle owner smashed out Cowan’s windshield and physically threatened him. The motorcycle was illegally parked near parking meter making it very difficult to exit his paid parking space.

    Kyle tapped motorcycle without damaging it while exiting which sent the punk motorcycle owner into a road rage type incident. We know the guy and will see how tough he is next time we see him in nob Hill area!!

    BTW Kyle has written insightfully on links between homosexuality and depression. He also hates Trump for voting against UN ban on death penalty for being gay or a tranny.

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