A Meaningful personalized Car Tag


Was extremely moved by the inscription on this personalized license plate on a red SUV RX350 Lexus  purchased at Earnhardt dealership in Tucson Arizona USA. The vehicle was parked near Beyond Bread at shopping center on Speedway Blvd.

It read It should not hurt to be a child just underneath the personalized tag MCSTRDA. We are rarely impressed with people who seek attention with personalized car tags. Has the appearance of one who never got over being popular in High School.

However, this particular case struck us as an attempt to memorialize a child who had been beaten or even more tragically murdered. After the gruesome dismemberment of little girl, by her meth addict parents in Albuquerque NM, we  thank the owners of this expensive SUV for elevating public awareness regarding the morbid and unforgivable practice of child abuse!



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