Adjacent Business advertisement sign on MacDonald’s Property


Something about munching on a filet of fish in a Mickey D’s parking lot in Roswell NM USA got me in a contemplative state of mind one Saturday morning. We were facing their southern wall/fence under a shade tree just off Main Street adjacent to their super busy drive through line where around 100 cars per hour is not unusual.


Now a fence next to the drive through line of the number one fast food franchise in the world gets a lot of potential advertising views. ┬áThis got me to wondering how much Covey’s Quality Firearms and Accessories has to pay for the advertising sign you see on the Mcdonald’s side of the fence that separates the two establishments.

The Orange and Green Covey’s sign with a mean looking Grizzly bear is just underneath and behind the Covey’s billboard which might be tall enough to partially block the view of McDonald’s of people headed North on US285(Main Street)


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