African Children’s Choir Stops off in Roswell,NM


The African Children’s Choir stopped off in Roswell, New Mexico Saturday. We saw them walking down the street near the police station. The picture you see is their tour bus parked across the street from Burrittos and More and next to the Petroleum Building. The entire group exuded a family character with many of the young black kids holding hands and moving playfully.

The choir members are from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana and range in age from 7-12.  The theme of their music is often related to the notion that the whole village is responsible for the upbringing of the kid which the United States has grown oh so far from!

Auntie Julia and Mary are the leaders and sponsors of the choir whose goal is to help the most vulnerable children in African today in order for these same kids improve Africa in the future.

If this transformative group of singing and dancing kiddos, founded by Ray Barnett, finds their way to your town, please support them and their cause!

African Children's Choir Bus in Roswell
African Children’s Choir Bus in Roswell

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