Alms Seeking Bum


The beggar you see in the picture was standing on Main Street corner of entrance into Sam’s Club and Walmart. He was positioned so that customers from the wholesale and retail giants might spare him some change while exiting waiting on red lights.

He was none too happy that I was photographing his lazy ass as evidenced by his disgusted countenance.  Also his appearance is not as slovenly as one might expect for a street bum. We have seen the pauper begging at the corner of second and Main in front of Subway sandwich shop in Roswell, NM.

His please help sign should be replaced by the biblical scripture God helps those who help themselves. One has to wonder how many employment agencies like workforce solutions or SOS staffing this no initiative gentleman has visited? His tattoo riddled emaciated frame indicate he is probably hungry. All the more reason to find a job other than standing with a sign on a corner in the hit sun.


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