Amputee in Wheelchair Hollywood Blvd


We noticed this amputee, who represented himself as a veteran of the USA military, camped out in the shade on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His right leg was missing under his knee as you can see in the picture below where he is seated in front of the Hollywood Education And Literacy Project.

The two American Flags on his wheelchair along with his cap all suggest he served the United States in the Military. He was giving his advice to picture takers as  where to position themselves with respect to the sunlight shade boundary for glare free photograpy.

His left hand, clutching his keys and donation cap, showed signs of age and weather exposure. He was seated close to the star of recording artist Al Jarreau at address 7083 Hollywood Blvd. He was polite and not pushy unlike some of the other street solicitors for the bus tour to movie stars domiciles.


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