Beggar from Outer Banks, NC USA


We saw this female beggar leaning against a wall on a sunny day at roadside rest stop in Clark County, Washington. There was free coffee sponsored by either a deaf or blind excellent cause group.

She was donning a clean, well pressed Outer Banks North Carolina shirt and a neatly written pauper’s sign stating Homeless Out of Everything Anything Helps Even a Smile God Bless. I am guessing she would NOT have counted an employment application as in the Anything Helps category. I also doubt the 55 year old looking woman would have been that grateful for a smile.

The empathetic point of view might argue the woman had fallen on hard times. Maybe her husband even kicked her to the curb. A really poor person would probably not even have the resources to be seated where she was needing a car to even be there. And if she owns a car, did she just decide to drive it to rest area to beg? ¬†Possibly, a lot of traffic and caring souls passing through. Nah….just a bum looking for a handout.

One of the many disadvantages of being a free loader in public, is that one loses all ¬†expectation of privacy from being videoed or photographed. If you want to sit down next to the entrance of women’s public restroom, then be prepared to appear on around 50 blogs that same day. I know most of you are past being shamed into doing the responsible thing, but it is still uplifting to record a permanent image of your indolence for the world to view.



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