Beggar On Major thoroughfare


We saw this beggar not too far from the turnoff for Uptown Coronado Mall in Albuquerque,NM. He appeared to be Hispanic, with the usual cardboard sign indicating that he needed help and God would love anybody who helped him, walking back and forth donning a read baseball cap in the glaring mid day sun.

Hist pitiful existence was contrasted with owner of the White Lexus vehicle adjacent to him with a personalized license plate “surfing club” of UNM Lobo Alumni. And yes, the Lexus driver chose not to produce a handout for the pauper.

The East Mountains you see in the background are the big brothers of the foothills where an “innocent homeless man” was killed by APD officers who had put up with his threatening ways for far too long. So many Europeans and Americans only hear the misleading generic story “unarmed black man shot by police officers without taking into account the criminal history of the thug that got himself killed. The only cure for this ridiculous mindset is to have your daughter kidnapped or raped and see if you still feel sorry for these “unarmed victims”. Feeling too sorry for people who get shot by police officers ¬†AND then persecuting said officers for doing their job, makes officer overly cautious about drawing his weapon when he absolutely must in order to protect citizenry!


Panhandler holding up traffic at busy intersection
Panhandler holding up traffic at busy intersection



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  1. The Roswell NM homeless coalition claimed they interviewed 322 people at risk for homelessness. They said 182 were homeless and 106 were without shelter. Sounds like same thing to this Texas Longhorn.

    Interviewing 322 people has a price tag! Most of these homeless folks are lazy no account vagrants who would rather beg than work.

    Some animals survive and few don’t. Bible thumpers get worried about these bums every winter feeling sorry them worrying they will freeze to death. GOD HELPS those who HELP themselves! If they perish in the cold because of their sloth, so be it!!!

  2. Jeremy Reynalds, Joy Junction founder and CEO, runs an emergency shelter for homeless. A Chief Executive Officer is a phrase associated with the top dog of a for profit business. So does Jeremy profit by feeding homeless people?

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