Begging Bum Multiple Disguises Roswell,NM


We have seen this pauper in ACU pants at busy street intersection near Roswell mall many times. The indolent bum also had a cane placed in clear view of all passing motorists to illicit the requisite sympathy necessary to collect tax free money that he did not have to work for. Anybody can get their hands on Army Combat Uniforms these days so we have no idea if he served in our nations military.

This begging “street person” changes his look to confuse generous souls who really want to help a genuine homeless person. Take a look at this same begging bum that we saw near Sam’s Club last time we drove in from Dexter in July. Notice how the beggar is almost styling with a nice pair of shorts and an angled hip pose accentuating his apparent disabled status.

Lowlifes like this guy will continue to stand at street corners in crowded public places , holding up traffic, until the citizens of alien city quit giving them their hard earned money.

Think about it people. Why would you want to give your precious cash to a relatively well dressed guy who has been standing at the same corner for the last 6 months who is trying to fake you out with disguises? Did I mention we saw this panhandler strolling around with shopping basket in Walmart on hot day in August? Also how do you think real military personnel feel when they see a hobo impersonating military service in order to get more sympathy and handouts?

I read somewhere that there have been quite a few confrontations between folks who actually served in our armed forces and scumbag begging imposters.

Lazy Bearded Bum bogging in ACU pants near Walmart in Roswell NM
Lazy Bearded Bum begging in ACU pants near Walmart in Roswell NM

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  1. Read Alex Goldsmith regarding the disgusting attitude most people have about homeless vagrants. I am one of those people who wouldn’t mind if all the fake beggars would fall off the face of the earth. If fact, I am glad somebody like the Trujillo cousins did something to raise public awareness on how bad the panhandler problem is around sams, walmart, and the mall, even if it is a lie!!!

    A video went viral on Facebook about a high tech panhandler with a clever fix to the common excuse of, “I don’t have any change.”The video clip was made by cousins Michael and Antonio Trujillo. It takes place outside the Landings at Roswell off Main Street near Roswell Mall.

    The two cousins pull up adjacent to beggar and roll down their window. After telling the man they didn’t have any change, the man pulls out a smart phone with a Square reader attached. That Square reader allows people to take credit card payments on the go.

    In the video, Michael and Antonio give the man a credit card and tell him to charge it for $5 and send them a receipt.(This part is a lie or the two cousins are just plain dumbasses)

    Since the, probably fake or staged video was posted to Facebook, many have weighed in with varying opinions

    “Michael Trujillo says when they talked to the man, he had already gotten $50 from other people using the reader.

    For the record, Michael Trujillo says the video was not fake or staged in any way, although many people KRQE News 13 showed it to were skeptical about its legitimacy.

    “I have my doubts but it’s possible,” said Brad Moore.

    “It’s a little far-fetched,” said Hayden Herbertson.

    Others were convinced it was real.

    There was also a divide between people about whether they’d give a high tech panhandler their credit cards.

    “Those are the kind of guys you actually probably would give money to because they’re creative,” said David Sedlak.

    “If you can afford an iPhone you’re probably not poor enough to be begging,” said Daniel French.

    “The first time I would probably pay,” said Travis Barnette. “I’d be too blown away like the guys in the video.”(Travis confesses his ignorance and lack of street smarts here)

    “I actually told a guy today outside Kmart that I didn’t have any change and that I just use my credit card,” said Aaron Klour. (again a lie or proof that Roswell is full of stupid people)“If he came up to me with a card reader I’d have no choice.”

      1. Coen vehemently opposes renaming streets to Chavez or Martin Luther King cuz they never came to nuthin fancy restaurant (Los Cerritos now) like George w bush did. Who could argue with the logic of a woman who quotes brilliant men whose name she either forgot or intentionally does not disclose?

    1. We have been seeing that lowlife “professionally beggging” all over the place including Roswell Mall. He moves around with his soft drink and umbrella and smart phone chilling to music. Pam Neal is heading up new homeless coalition associated with Harvest Ministries. Pastors and Ministers Mark Green, Shaun Wiggins, Barbara Chavez, Jeneva Martinez are part of the group attempting to fix an unsolvable social problem. There will always be people incapable or unwilling to hold down a job. You people got your names in the paper for your noble intentions, but the problem is here to stay. Thanks for trying, but your time would be better spent working with people who are really trying to improve their life, not indolent scum like the guy you see in the picture.

      1. Jeneva Martinez’s heart is in the right place, but continuing to feed lazy people through donations by those that work removes their already waning motivation to work. Homeless coalition should work on giving them skills to live independently like the Job Corps program

  2. Optometrist ken leadingham is closing because of lowlife vagrants like guy you see in picture. A beggar was shitting and pissing on the eye doctors office and RPD did nothing about it despite video evidence. Dominic Cillis of Carpet Clinic got some free advertising out of it for in disinfecting service.

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