Being Observant can Win you Money


The margin between a genius and an exceptionally intelligent person is often quite small. That was exemplified by a man who won $5000 for pointing out the oddity or out of place occurrence in the picture you see below.

It is the picture of a home foundation just prior to the cement being poured. One can see the rebar, the green termiticide on the foundation soil, the various plumbing and gas line fixtures, and the cement guides to hold the freshly poured cement. As an aside did you know that Rebar stands for reinforcing bar?

Anyway, back to the money making aspect of having keen powers of observation. What is it about the picture that does not fit in or is incongruous with the rest of the picture? I hope you are as fascinated as I am that somebody won 5 grand by noting something that 99 per cent of the population would not notice in a million years!

What is even more stunning is that the home builder, the framers, and the various other subcontractors did not notice the out of place entity! The gentleman who made the discovery was a retired private investigator which should come as no surprise.

Also, for those of you are curious as to who would offer a prize of $5000 for something that seems a little ridiculous or absurd, I heard that it was the home builders in this particular region who were trying to attract home buyers into the area. Not sure I believe that story, but it is still interesting.

Finally, you may have to expand this picture a little  to see the peculiarity which is detectable without any magnification.

Can you find the oddity in this home foundation picture?
Can you find the oddity in this home foundation picture?

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  1. I think that is 1306 Alicia Lane in Roswell, NM. We wanted to move in there, but Chaves County Deputy beat us to it. Very nice neighborhood built by French Brothers in Alamogordo. That house is worth about a quarter of a million dollars with 4 bedrooms and around 2100 square feet. What is the oddity you are talking about?

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