Best Pianist in World makes a stop in Roswell,NM


The venerable performance center, named Pearson, at New Mexico Military Institute briefly quartered a young, sexy Korean piano player who enthralled every single member of the capacity crowd. I would wager that at many points during her riveting performance along side the RSO, every single eye in the house was glued to the South Koran girl who was also lost in her own performance! At one point we observed that her eyes were completely closed while striking the piano keys with precision and clarity. I am not a musician, but it has to be the mark of musical genius to produce mesmerizing tunes with your eyes shut! Also the elderly RSO performer seated adjacent to the centerpiece entertainer, somewhat awkwardly, could not not keep his eyes off the young Asian female perhaps 45 years his junior.

I managed to get a picture of her performing despite the fact that picture taking was prohibited in the program guide. Ko-Eun Yi was described as having a surplus of bravura technique by the Cincinnati Enquirer. In this performance in Roswell,NM, she seemed to be more the conductor than the esteemed conductor John Farrer who we knew of in Bakersfield, California. She would pound the keyboard emphatically with her ponytail and bangs waving sensually as the RSO followed her more than the conductor.

At the conclusion of her stellar display of musical acumen, she humbly bowed to the crowd and quickly walked off the stage, then back, and off, back and off to thunderous standing ovations each time.

We want to thank the current president of the Roswell Symphony Orchestra Fawn Alcorn-Pierce and a few of her predecessors Nancy Hartwick, Sam Pettit, Jim Monteith, and John Hultman, and Becky Gwartney for sustaining this “jewel in the desert”. Roswell does not even have his 50,000th person and yet has the critical mass to keep alive this element of the performing arts that many other larger communities can not match!

We were disappointed that not a single NMMI cadet was in the audience. Our daughter, a NMMI graduate, said that most of them were probably at Buffalo Wild Wings. Things have changed at the Institute we believe. We see cadets all over town when they probably should be studying and wonder if the academic standards have dropped.

Beautiful Korean pianist on the stage of NMMI Pearson in Roswell,NM
Beautiful Korean pianist on the stage of NMMI Pearson in Roswell,NM

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  1. We thank Vonnie Goss, writing for the Roswell newspaper, for her well written piece describing Yi’s interpretation of the work of Russian Composer Sergei Rachmaninov. We, sadly, missed the mingling session at Grace Community Church where orchestra members and the special piano playing guest spoke with devoted fans.

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