Biblical Scripture attracting Customers to Mall Dance Studio


The mall in Roswell NM strikes one as barely surviving.  Today however, it was hopping with La Salsas and Bealls enjoying plenty of business.

The Just Dance studio near south end of mall was trying to stimulate their bottom line by reminding patrons that Psalm 149:3 promotes dancing with the verse “Let them praise his name with dancing”. Him being Jesus or God which is really blurred if you believe in the Trinity.

So what Christian wouldn’t enter into a contract with these entrepreneurs who would teach their kids to dance while simultaneously praising the lord?

Posting Biblical scripture  in a public place in a way that might increase your customer base is problematic morally and akin to free advertising. Dancing is much more related to the sexual impulse than any type of spiritual edification.

Using biblical scripture to improve profit margins

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  1. Stacy Ingram—Jahanna McDaniel and her staff are absolutely amazing! It is so refreshing to have Christian music and values being taught to her students! I didn’t know they read biblical scripture to their customers. Maybe the can get a tax break for also functioning as a church school.

    Brenda Rose King

    Reyna Ward Garcia—Absolutely love the Christian values and choice in music.

    Michelle Frost

    All agree the dance studio is great place to drop off hyperactive kids as an alternative to giving them drugs.

    Some celebrity said if you can dance without being embarrassed, you can rule the world. This is, of course, a load of shit.

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