Big Rig Truck Obstructing View of Picturesque Golf Course


The eighteen wheeler you see below is parked in what appears to be a no parking area adjacent to a golf course in Roswell NM, USA.

The truck is owned by Triple C Inc  which is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company operating a freight hauling business based in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

We have seen police cars parked nearby with officers inspecting the commercial vehicle. Not certain if any citations were issued. I would expect that the New Mexico Military Institute Golf course would be concerned about the large commercial carrier blocking the view of the beautiful par 4 5th hole which doglegs to the right featuring a beautiful aerated duck pond containing many duffer golf balls. The truck is situated so close to the golf course that it would be easily struck by errant balls.

We suspect the vehicle, parked just off of North Union Avenue, is operated by a resident of either the Bella Vita or Sorrento subdivision. Perhaps he is in possession of a permit which allows him to legally park in an area where parking should be illegal?


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  1. I believe the Junior College golf coach,Andrew Robertson, is well aware of the big rig being parked there. Perhaps it has a temporary parking permit issued by the cash strapped city government? The truck does not interfere with his instruction of an excellent NMMI golf team so I doubt he is that involved in getting it removed.

    1. Goddard baseball coach Alan Edmonson could have asked Chris Cook if NMMI is a “prestigious university” . Not sure if that was J.T. Keith putting words in the mouth of the dude or not. NMMI is a JC which won’t make any difference to pitcher Tyler Hardwick!

  2. I think the owner or driver of that freight truck is African America. It would be big hassle to go after him legally, if in fact he is illegally parked. Too many ACLU lawyers out there waiting in the bushes like David A. Harris who is a University iof Toledo College of Law prof that is an ultra bird dog for injustices committed against blacks.

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