Business Cards in all the right places


The names Kyle DeSmith(John Deere Financial), Doyle Moore(I.T.S.),Paul Kaufmann(Wisconsin Aviation), and Jimmy Coburn(district superintendent field sales unfi) have something in common. They all put their business cards in a container to win 50,000 IHG rewards(originally called priority club) points at a Holiday Inn in McKinney,Tx. The winner will be announced after a drawing when 25 business cards have been accumulated.

For those who might interpret this as an invasion of privacy, think again. If you put your name on a card and then drop it into a transparent container, there can be no legal or implied expectation of privacy. These salesmen want their name in circulation to increase the likelihood of a profitable transaction and to improve their professional reputation.

In fact, I know an entire school district who is looking for a charter pilot that involves foreign exchange students.

Business card drawing
Business card drawing

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  1. I tend to agree with you that there is no expectation of privacy. Its sort of like the high school girls with perfect bums who flash their bare ass at a car load of of football players and then scream rape at the frat party. They sort of asked for it…especially the white girls who like black athletes

    1. I am sure Jody Warner ,formerly employed as a prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, wishes her altercation with Uber Driver Shaun Platt has been private.

      Her alcoholism and extreme incivility were manifest when she was a law student and it has finally ruined her career in law.

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