Career Beggars


The entrance to Sam’s Club and Walmart in Roswell, New Mexico attracts more than honest, hard-working shoppers. Across from Chili’s is a campground for panhandlers, bums, paupers, vagrants, and other types of scavengers who choose not to work for a living. Oh, I know all sob stories about PTSD veterans, kids who were sexually abused(Paul Chubbuck in Fort Collins CO an able healing professional), women who were abandoned by their husbands, etc.

These accounts have some merit, but also create an underclass of lazy people who will take handouts in lieu of seeking gainful employment. Take the gentlemen in the picture below who has a few gallons of water, a well maintained bicycle, a nice hat to protect from glaring sun, and smoking away on his favorite brand of cigarette.

His yellow lettered sign reads This was not Part of the Plan, God Bless . ¬†Might a passing motorist ask this vagabond what his plan was? Shoot, if I was in this guy’s shoes, I would march my tired ass into the Income Support Division.


Philosophical Beggar Roswell NM. 

Mangy Red Bearded Street Person Roswell NM Walmart
Mangy Red Bearded Beggar standing in the shade of tree near Walmart close to stop sign with cool beverage in hand.

Now compare the above picture to

Beggar Walmart Roswell NM
The same handsome guy standing near Walmart Entrance on Main Street

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  1. Attractive German Woman Lisa Halverstadt writes more about the prickly problem of homelessness. The real issue here is whether these scofflaws are actually homeless or just too indolent to improve.

  2. If any one of us had to sleep on the ground, outside of a house, for so much as one night, I’m 100% certain we would have a completely different perspective on homelessness.

    I’m really agog at how many times I hear supposedly good, Christian folk bashing the poorest and weakest among us.

    1. That is just it Craig, provident people plan and save so they don’t have to sleep on the ground. A high percentage of these beggars are lazy, have lost all pride and self respect, and choose to stick their hand out at busy street intersections 5 or 6 hours a day.
      How Christian is that? They choose not to work or their criminal records prevent them from finding a job. To bad, it sucks to be a criminal, should a thought a little more before you committed that burglary. I do hope you are not so naive as to feel sorry for these paupers which is what they are hoping for. Check out SLC and other major metro areas in USA. No panhandling signs all over the place. They should be posted here too.

      We have seen that dude with Red beard there on and off for around 2 months. Were there today and he had shaved it. Almost like he saw his picture here! They don’t have any expectation of privacy. If enough people post their pics like the bloggers here, maybe they will be shamed out of Roswell or even BETTER, NOBODY WILL GIVE THE PUNKS any handouts. Kind of like not feeding cats that come to your house. They will eventually leave.

        1. Mr Abalos,

          You refuse to address the more substantive issue which is lazy, manipulative people who are mocking the very people trying to help them by eliciting sympathy. Those very people are alive because of soft people like yourself who feel sorry for them. Those scofflaws spend all their time beggin and not looking for jobs! Their homelessness is a choice in most cases. Thank God Trump won the election. The homeless slobs will have to find a job or just croak in the street. Them choosing to beg and live off the people who work is far and away the most worst thing they can do. They are a drain on society. The are professional beggars laughing at how easy it is to stand on the corner and get money from working class. How much have you given them out of your pocket?

          1. Look Federer, there is no need to jump all over Abalos. He has already lost most of his credibility by trying to get UBI up and running. If he thinks the scoundrels that beg at the Roswell mall area deserve UBI, then what can you do about such a misguided delusion?
            I side with Abalos in the cases of abused women and children who can no longer trust their wife beating father. They need government assistance, not sure if it would take the form of Universal Basic Income. Thoughts?

              1. You write as though being liberal is a disease in search of a cure. Understand the guts it takes for a gentleman like Mr. Abalos to even put his name on his liberal articles in town full of super conservative rednecks like Roswell NM! Roswell, Georgia has some similarities that I can relate to.

                Abalos writes like Wyatt N. Troia who admires Bill O’Reilly despite being pretty far to the left. Thanks for being brave being isolated in your political community Craig.

                And NO, not all real estate agents are bleeding hearts, I voted for best candidate in last presidential election.

                1. The open letters writer in the RDR wants it both ways. Since the government can print money “out of thin air”, then why not just give every citizen a free monthly payment.

                  This clashes with the very title of his article. Remember that your much despised rich people produce jobs that people who did not screw off in high school can do.

                  Also why didn’t you just marry the Roxanne who was so curvaceous rather than spend the majority of your waking hours writing and thinking about her? You could have borrowed money from the rich Incarnation of Roxanne to start a family with buxom Roxy. Or are they the same two people? I’m confused.

                  Don’t be so sad moving forward into your 60s and 70s. The honesty of your column makes a difference in this depressing little town.

    2. Juan Oropesa opposes a tent city homeless shelter at 12th and north Virginia claiming vagrants and bums prefer begging at random locations around town.

      Jeanine Corn Best is afraid it would screw up our tourist income. Two different views from our esteemed city councilors.

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