Chatty Basketball coach from Odessa TX


The gentleman you see with mouth agape on edge of the basketball court is the coach of the Odessa College Wranglers. His coaching style was quite different from the mild mannered strategist from Snyder,TX.

You can only see the profile of the man in charge of desert roundballers, but from the tension and stretch in his jaw area it is easy to deduce his mouth is wide open in a game long dialogue with the referees.

Coach Tra Arnold was warned at least twice for being too vociferous and he finally calmed down a bit after his team built up a 20 point lead over a tired NMMI Bronco team.

He had been upset ever since one of his players was ejected in first half of game. His player had been elbowed by NMMI player with no call by the refs. When wrangler player retaliated by yelling and trying to instigate a fight, the stripes sent him to locker room.

If any of you other travelers passing through Roswell from West Texas want to see some up close and personal BBall, stop off at Cahoon Armory on NMMI campus located at intersection of US285 and College. Coach Ralph Davis would love the support for his student athletes.



JUCO basketball coach in perpetual conversation with referees
JUCO basketball coach in perpetual conversation with referees




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  1. Evan Taylor, Jamontae Davis, Louis Adams, Jackie Davis, Jahi Hughes, Donovan Fields(animal from concord prep academy), Larry Lewis, Stefan Lakic, Elijah Davis, Traylin Farris, Ismael Johnson, Malik Hicks are some ballin MOFOS from MOJO land! We be talking Brooklyn NYC, Scottsdale Arizona, Nashville Tennessee, Cincinnati Ohio.

    All these boys willing to come down south and live in the damn desert and live through dust storms to play hoops and have a shot at NBA career. White girls in dem high schools know how to makem feel welcome now.

    Ask Sheriff Debbie Bruce of Odessa about the 22 year old punk Jerry Joseph who took Permian to state playoffs and was then arrested for fraud! That town is crazy about their sports even if they have to cheat like hell to win! Coach Danny Wright and Liz Faught had to know that boy was no 16 year old….damn

  2. Moses Burrola apologized for what coach Tra Arnold considers normal behavior. Moses apologized to NMAA for berating referee calls in Lovington game.

    The DUDE was enraged at the many calls that went against the Coyotes and was told by the principal to write a letter saying he was sorry for getting pissed at horrible officiating. We don’t blame you dude. We don’t care about role models. We want a winner!! It was not some lapse in judgement. Keep the FIRE Bro!!!

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