Chaves County NM USA Sheriff Candidate


The owners of this popular Mexican food joint in Roswell NM USA want to elect Mike Herrington Sherrif. Now, you have to be able to read backwards, in the picture below, to see that the owner’s of Burritos and More want Herrington to win the sheriff’s election really bad.

They are located on south side of town, across from a fire department, where crime is usually higher than the richer north side of community.  If he wins, Mr Herrington will actually become the Sheriff in Chaves County where Roswell is the County Seat.

We met Mike at a Chile Cheese Festival and had no idea he aspired to be the TOP COP.  He has worked some gruesome crime scenes comparable to some of the most horrific Arthur Fellig photographs, so he appears to be an excellent candidate for this high post in law enforcement.

Burritos and More restaurant in New Mexico want Mike Herrington to be Sherrif


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  1. Dr. Ashley Rivers knows what a fighter and excellent incumbent sheriff Britt Snyder is. Ask prominent citizens Jean Boué and Jason Perry about Britt’s law enforcement acumen and leadership! Britt should crush Mike. Mike is a good man, but does not have much of a chance in the election in my humble opinion.

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