Children’s Art and Derelict Pizza Joints


A close cousin used to work at a pizza place in Portland, Oregon and I could never remember the name of the place until we vacationed through there before viewing spectacular Multnomah Falls.

We were saddened to see Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza boarded at its front entrance. There was a guy not visible in picture below trying to get in or waiting for somebody to let him in. I recall one day when cuz was called in to work on his day off because of an extreme snow day. He was pissed, but said customers appreciated them staying open and tipped a little more than usual.

A Smarty Pants sign was placed near the closed down tomato pie place. There were plenty of young Moms dropping their kids off at what appeared to be an art studio for children with many different mediums. Sorry kiddos, no pizza after you are done.

Eddies FlatIron Pizza Portland Oregon-CLOSED


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  1. This might have something to do with Roedel Tile warehouse which is located in a residential zone. I think the customers loved the pizza place, but they were just battling zoning laws. I think did a lot of delivery to the Rose Garden basketball arena.

    I believe the warehouse owner John Carlson had found an architect and was ready to move forward. The wording of Code Section 33.258.080 B is a little too confusing for entrepreneurs who are having to spend money on ambiguously worded laws!

    I don’t see why residential and commercial properties cannot coexist! Overregulation stifles economic growth and makes it too damn complex for small businesses to get a foothold!!

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