Competing Hamburger Joints


Somewhere near a California interstate highway near a junction with a state highway, we came upon an IN-N-OUT BURGER ┬ásituated adjacent to a MacDonalds. Our SUV of Texans were surprised to observe there were far more customers dining here than Micky D’s!

What these cats have going for them is a freshness narrative as detailed on their dining tray below. My wife had to explain to me why hand-leafed lettuce was such an improvement on lettuce that is leaved via automation. Apparently lettuce leafed by machines has a faint industrial smell with the possbility of trace toxins none of which have been proven to be harmful if ingested. Also their tomatoes are vine-ripened which may not be that big a deal as a tomato can ripen after it has been picked. The worry with vine-ripened is they can appear rotten by the time they make it to your burger. We did NOT notice any rotten tomatoes on our delectable hamburgers!

Of interest was a shuttered Quiznos which could not survive amidst the brutal compettion it appears.


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