Convenience Store Clerks and Tampered with Lottery Tickets


We bought this scratch off lottery ticket at an Allsup’s in Tatum, New Mexico. Yes, the same Tatum,NM where scenes from the thriller movie The Hitcher were shot. We managed to win $2 without matching with the winning numbers.

That is NOT why I wrote this post. Have you ever wondered if the clerk selling the ticket has a way to scan or xray the lottery ticket to see if it is a winner before they sell it? If this was possible, they could make sure and sell the lottery ticket to a friend and then split the winnings. What I am saying is that there is probably a way to determine if you have a winning ticket without first scratching off to reveal the number combinations you have purchased. Maybe some sort of ultraviolet or infrared detector that can see through the scratch off material?

Also take a look at the lottery ticket in the picture and tell me if you see any indication it has been tampered with in a way that would reveal if it is a winning ticket without compromising theĀ 10-ingredient formula for the material that covers it. BTW, the 10 ingredients are as top secret as the recipe of Coca Cola!

Convenience store clerks are probably on surveillance 24-7 to help prevent this kind of fraud from occurring, but could probably figure out a camera-free way to examine lottery ticket if they knew they had a way to non destructively see through the surface of ticket.

New Mexico Scratch off Lottery Ticket
New Mexico Scratch off Lottery Ticket

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  2. “If you don’t play, you will not win,” Grief advised. This profound quote was uttered by Gary Grief head of Texas Lotto.

    An equally accurate quote is “If you DO play, you will not win,”. Grief needs to spread the word that the lottery is effectively a tax on the stupid who spend disproportionate amounts of their income on lottery tickets. The infinity elusive combination of winning numbers sends already poverty level families into complete financial ruin.

    The words of Gary Grief, who most certainly personally profits, should be aggressively ignored!

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