Cosmetics Promotions at local Warehouse Store


Sam’s Club in Roswell,NM is many things to many people. It is the only place where many folks get a chance to catch up with friends they have a hard time keeping up with in a hectic fast paced life.

Roswell’s only warehouse store(A Costco would be nice!) is loaded with friendly ladies who urge you to sample the latest food and beverage products. Today, we noticed a very attractive slender young woman peddling cosmetics near the vitamin and pharmacy area. She was donning a long white, almost doctor/lab, coat and had presence that indicated she really believed in the skin care items she was selling.

This came as no surprise given her strikingly healthy ¬†and attractive skin complexion. The L’Aveu products she was promoting adverstise as the Secret to Eternal Beauty via minerals imported from Israel.

I was not sure about the value of advertising that the cosmetics were partially composed of minerals from the Middle East. I am guessing that is a nobrainer for a non-hairy legged male past his prime.

I was happy to find that the pharmacy will administer Shingles immunizations or vaccines I believe. After watching how the big pharma companies pay washed out celebrities to scare you to death about shingles, its comforting to know that one can get that taken care of at Sam’s!


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