Cowboy Cafe in Roswell, NM


On our way from Midland, Texas to Ruidoso, NM we always stop at the Cowboy Cafe in Roswell, New Mexico. It is located on East Second street which is highway 380/70 right across from True Value Hardware/Roswell livestock and farm supply.  This little diner is appropriately named as we were the only non-cowboys dining there around lunch time on this Saturday.

The staff could not be friendlier and the food is reasonably priced in generous portions. I had the steak and egg special and my wife had liver and onions. Our waitress was the daughter of a women who appeared to be the owner or manager of Cowboy Cafe. She was quite articulate and enjoyed making all the cafe patrons feel at home and welcome. The Cafe closes at 2 pm because they can not find enough help to stay open and serve supper! One of my business associates says that Roswell has a very weak labor force partially due to the fact that many potential employees can not pass criminal background tests or drug screening.

If you pass through alien city, make it a point to stop off there and grab at least a couple of their delectable homemade pies. I don’t know if it is still there, but the Furr’s Cafeteria that served Roswell so faithfully for so many years on South Main shut down and stored its iconic sign in fenced in area behind Cowboy Cafe.

Cowboy Cafe East Second Street Roswell, NM
Cowboy Cafe East Second Street Roswell, NM



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  1. Randy Flax of Roswell,NM is incensed that Nature’s Dairy is closing and is enraged at Farmer’s Market and the Fenns group of stores for not purchasing Nature’s Dairy products. If Randy worked for Farmers Market he probably would have dumped Natures Dairy for lower priced suppliers.
    If buying local is not profitable, then you dump local suppliers unless they lower their prices. Randy must have relatives who worked at Natures Dairy.

    I think Cowboy Cafe may have bought from Natures Dairy too.

    1. Was Janet Jarratt, operator of dairy farm near Los Lunas, trying to get a variance on number of monitoring wells? Is a monitoring well something that just measures the pollution level of water or is it just how to dispose or contain the wastewater?

      Trais Kliphuis, director of environmental water protection division, said every source must have at least one monitoring well. I think the water quality control commission oversees and issues fines in instances of noncompliance.

      1. Native American Lillian Bacon stands opposed to the unintended environmental effects of keystone pipeline. Lillian needs to understand construction workers buy Bacon for their families with their construction wages.

      2. Claire Chase, an employee of Mack Energy in Artesia NM, dramatically declares NM is under assault by environmentalists. Is Mack Energy the business that owns the big refinery in the middle of Artesia that makes many of the residents sick?

        I know oil and gas money is what pays for the lavish football facilities enjoyed by the town and the high school football team, but is it worth it when hydraulic fracturing is known to contaminate drinking water?

        Thank Jeff Tucker for letting sexy Claire CHASE cite an unnamed poll in 2013 that found 49% of respondents favor fracking. I doubt that flew in the roundhouse.

        It would help if her last name wasn’t a major corporate bank with gouging interest rate on their credit card. Also Miss oil and gas lobbyist, do you actually live in Artesia and understand the affect of the the refinery on air pollution and asthma patients?

        1. I have to agree with Claire after seeing pictures of uninformed Roswell NM high school teenagers protesting in front of convention and civic center. They demonstrated their lack of literacy and ignorance with signs like get the frack off. Why should we doubt the credentials of young kids who are always in their smart phones texting while driving and demanding safe spaces to cope with the devastating defeat of the Democratic Party in general election?

          1. Gail Boushey and Joan Moser claim they can eliminate busy work in the classroom. Getting kids to do busy work is a victory with all the drugged out native Americans in Shiprock NM. Richard Allington would agree if he ever saw conditions there.

            1. Boushey and/or Moser display their own personal hubris and ignorance when they criticized the research of brain scientist Ken Wesson.

              Wesson’s research stated that the younger the kid, the shorter the attention span. Well yeah, duh ladies……I mean how times did Graehm have to send obvious signals for you to figure it out?!

              Overall you “2 sisters” did good job with Daily 5.

              1. That literacy book of theirs spoke of barometer kids who “dictate the weather” in the class. Translated: overmedicated spoiled brats who are disruptive in class. BTW, a barometer measures atmospheric pressure… sad we can not just call them problem children rather than candy coat it!

                Also, your book could use a glossary. You did not do a good job of defining I chart.

                1. Tracey Lawrence wrote about managing low level disruptive students who are not really trying to disrupt class, but do.

                  She did not speak specifically about kids on meds.

        2. Keeping a jumping mouse alive versus watering our cattle. State engineer must be losing his mind battling the federal government on this one! Keep up the good fight Tom. Our farmers and ranchers deserve all the water they need!

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