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Most parents care about their kids, but every now and then you come across a mother or father who is bending over backwards to look after their offspring. Today we pulled up behind a Silverado Pickup with a bumper sticker I had never seen. The bumper sticker wording was Proud Parent of a D.A.R.E Graduate. I am rarely impressed by bumper stickers of the proud parent ilk. Especially the ones stating my child is an honor student at Washington Middle school since most honor students these days can not conjugate a verb or calculate 4% of 200 in their head.

What does D.A.R.E stand for? Drug Abuse Resistance Education

So we should all commend this father in the black pickup truck who is a New Orleans Saints fan. Why? Keeping your kiddo off drugs can be the biggest single determinant in the quality of their life OR whether they LIVE OR DIE! Drugs destroy families and lives and communities. Please be proactive in preventing your precious children from becoming incorrigible addicts!!

We knew a single mother with 3 kids who were all drug addicts prior to their High School graduation. She was a nurse at the local hospital and swallowed enough barbiturates to kill two horses. The drugs she consumed produced the desired effect of suicide. Her kids are all still living last we heard in and out of rehab centers. To rear a child well has to be the most challenging task one can take on. Kudos to all the parents out there who are trying.


Bumper Sticker : Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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  1. Sort of related is atheist bumper stickers stick out like sore thumbs in towns like Artesia, Roswell, Hobbs, Carlsbad NM. I heard that an atheist bumper sticker car got its tires slashed by a Christian family. I am sure their God approved.

  2. Tiffiny Ruegner is ignorant of what constitutes the atheist perspective. Only a bimbo would make a statement like “Atheists have nothing better to do then attack people of belief with their envious unbelief”. Ruegner believes Jesus Christ was dead for three days and wonders how people could have any doubts about such a ludicrous impossibility.

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