Dangerous Parking Lot Border next to Stair Way


We stayed at a nice hotel in Carson, California about 13 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The picture you see below was taken in their parking lot and illustrates an unintentional, but potentially hazardous feature.

Notice that green cement border that extends out into the parking lot adjacent to the stair that services the second floor to the parking lot. We saw a kid trip over that just after he had descended the stairs scraping his elbow.  There was a housekeeping staff near her rolling cart of cleaning products, a vacuum cleaner and towels which you can also see in the picture.

It was a well maintained hotel with a friendly attendant from the Philippines, but we hope they will alter or remove that injury prone part of their property. They are setting themselves up for unwanted litigation and liability. Aggressive attorneys like¬†Andrew L. Ellis will vigorously prosecute these type of cases, so don’t take any chances with the layout of your business. A member of his staff happening upon this article would do well to supply him with the information. Better yet, hotel owners will fix the issue before expensive legal action ensues.

Dangerous Trip area in Carson Ca Hotel Parking Lot


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