Diabetic Beggar Roswell NM


This beggar standing at the entrance to Sam’s club and Walmart off of Main Street in Roswell NM claimed to be a diabetic. The sign she was  holding up for exiting traffic stated her family was broken down  and to please help.

Note how she blocked her face with her paupers sign apparently ashamed she is demanding alms in public. She was donning a nice sweat suit and had a new Coleman ice chest within convenient reach. The Marshals retail store directly behind her near the mall had a help wanted sign posted conspicuously.

We drove directly across the street to the mall on this first day of early voting and voted for Donald J Trump who promises to cut back on entitlement programs that feed bums like this woman who is too lazy to work. 



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  1. Atlanta natives Chuck Harris and Diana George wrote piece on homelessness back in 2003 that points out the correlation between homelessness,tearing down black neighborhoods for interstate highways, sports stadium construction, shopping malls, and even Olympic facilities. Travis Waldron more generally adds that cities hosting Olympics suffer a calamitous rise in vagrancy and homelessness.

    They even cite biblical scripture:
    God wants us to be
    our sister’s and brother’s keeper. To feed the hungry,
    to clothe the naked,
    to shelter the homeless,
    to instruct the ignorant,
    at a personal sacrifice,
    is what God
    wants us to do.
    What we give to the poor
    for Christ’s sake
    is what we carry with us
    when we die.
    As Jean Jacques Rousseau says: “When you die
    you carry
    in your clutched hands
    only that
    which you have given away.”

    1. This appears to be a female beggar in pretty good shape and able bodied enough to work. I noticed she does not have the standard God Bless you and every little bit helps on her placard. Also is that a gold wedding band or ring on her finger if you look carefully at the picture. We observed networks of beggars in Windsor, Ontario Canada where they would communicate with each other on what kind of luck they were having at a particular corner. We overheard one of the “street people” saying there was always a rich guy coming into one of the Star Bucks with a guilty conscious for abandoning his sick wife, so he was a generous donor to beggars.

      1. Oh it’s much worse in Chicago along the L. I have so many stories of fake begging and homelessness I don’t know where to start.

        I was walking out of a coffee shop downtown when a woman approached me and tearfully asked if I could give her directions to a “battered women’s shelter.” I didn’t know of any that were in the area, but when she could see that I was concerned, she pointed to a 3 or 4 children who were waiting near a bus stop and asked if I could just give her some cash to get her and her kids on the bus. My heart went putter patter so I immediately pulled out my wallet and gave her $40. She then proceeded to bolt past the bus stop with my money. She didn’t even know those kids.
        I have rarely felt so stupid and exploited. I got played like a fiddle.

        1. Glad I found this thread about all the lying beggars around Chicago public transportation system. The L has always had its share of problems.

          whenever I go out to eat I make a point of taking my leftover food home. I don’t eat much, really. I think I have the world’s smallest stomach. I could leave an entire taco untouched from my Chipotle order. So whenever I go out, I’ll have completely untouched food left over. Not like I can really tell the restaurant to not give me fries with my burger or something. I pay for it, I figure I should give it to some poor homeless guy on the way home.
          I’ve been doing this for years. And my success rate for giving these “unfortunate” people is very small. Seriously, I will walk home from wherever I eat trying to give my COMPLETELY untouched, still warm food away. So from Old Town/River North to around the Art Institute, many times I can’t get someone to take said food before I get home.
          I’ve given sealed Soprafina sandwhich boxes which are complete meals away to homeless people holding signs that say “I’m just hungry” (the woman on Dearborn and Randolph, if you have seen her). She looked at it in mild disgust, and said “uh, thanks”. You know what she did when I walked away? Threw it in the trash.
          I tried to give an entire Shake Shack order that was given to me in error away. You know what the guy told me? “Oh sorry I don’t eat dessert”. I told him “uhhh this is a cheeseburger and fries man, completely untouched, they accidentally gave me extra food”. “Sorry, I don’t eat that either”. That’s their excuse when they want money. Try it. Try to give them ANYTHING but money. Their excuse is always “I’m allergic” or “I don’t eat that” to EVERYTHING.
          In fact, what I started to notice when I tried to give away food? Was the people who DON’T look like they are homeless jump at it. I’ve had people who hear me trying to give homeless people food come up to me after they reject it and ask for it. I gladly hand it over and then they tell me “thanks man, I don’t get enough to eat”. These people aren’t begging, don’t look homeless, and are in the crowds of people you’re walking with.
          The “spare some change” lady that sits on the bridge by the train station? Yeah, my boss saw her on his train out to Naperville where she promptly got into her car and drove off.
          So please, please, stop giving them money. They aren’t using it for what you think.
          edit: Oh! I forgot one. Have you all seen the guy on Michigan Avenue with the seriously messed up foot? I knew a medic who was training at the Naval Base up north of the city. They treated him a couple of times. He keeps purposely injuring his foot to beg for money. Because after they would treat him, they’d see him a week later and he ripped out his stitches, ditched the bandages etc.
          And lets not forget the crusties. The hoards of young kids who purposely choose being homeless. Hopping trains to travel the country. Invading our city every summer with their dog. If you are homeless and can’t feed yourself, you can’t feed your dog and you shouldn’t have one.

      2. Lacey Andrews was shamelessly begging for money on Utube to fly first to Toronto and then to London. Lacey is the standard Bohemian who never learned to take care of herself while doing poetry and writing. She created a GoFund me account since her parents can not afford to help her out financially with her sudden expense. She needs the money to eat for the extra days she chose to stay in England.She would rather the money come out of her “friends” pocket than her parents so she can spend time with a friend in London. She repeatedly declares she will starve across the pond if her online begging is not fruitful. Lacey, Did you consider NOT leaving the country so you would not starve rather than laying guilt trip on your subscribers? Your lurch is induced by a choice that you should not be making. Too bad you are poor. Oh, did you hear our new president-elect will be tough on your self-entitlement ilk? Put your “sudden expense” on HOLD to you can produce enough non-begging income to afford it! Oh yeah, why were you so profuslely apologetic about borrowing money Miss Andrews? I counted a couple of times you stated that you were sorry for having to borrow from your subscribers. Nothing but words young lady. Not begging for the money would have been the actions that would have implied you have some scruples.

      3. Peter Simonson, ACLU zealot, opposes making panhandling illegal in Albuquerque NM, on the basis it denies the lazy people their freedom of speech!

        How about the right of motorists to operate their vehicles on unobstructed roads for starters bright guy!?!?!

  2. The Roswell homeless coalition run by pastor mark green of harvest ministries has to recognize that donated tents,sleeping bags, blankets is a temporary fix to a VERY permanent Roswell NM problem. For every person on the street there are 20 who are facing eviction if they lose their job.

    Too bad people are living in sheds cars and garages. A little family planning would have prevented much of the subsistence living we see. Do not be part of building homeless shelters with taxpayer dollars!!!

  3. I am sure Jerry Legters would also have strong opinion about the Beggar issues in alien city. 19 police officers short in a town that disrespects police officers in a more direct way than the subtle way “writer” Bob Hagen spoke condescendingly about the oxford Mississippi police department. Hagan, obviously far left, even described his demeanor towards the officer as resentful. Have fun with the new GOP White House and enjoy the inauguration tomorrow morning while sipping coffee on that cold morning.

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