Dog locked in Car Walmart Super Center


An uncaring dog owner left the dog you see in front seat of small pickup truck on this partly cloudy day in Roswell NM. As you can observe, the distinguished looking canine has a collar and appears to be gazing towards the entrance of the Walmart super center where he last saw the man who locked him in the green pickup which appears to have small camper shell hooks attached to its frame.

We use the term uncaring based on the truth we saw the dog locked in vehicle prior to entering the largest retailer in the world and as we were departing. We were in the store around 15 minutes, so we know the pensive looking dog was locked in motor vehicle for at least 20 minutes.

Since the dog appears well cared for, maybe the owner does not deserve this criticism, but on a day where the sun  was glaringly presenting itself when an opening in the clouds occurred, a true dog lover should think twice before leaving his devoted friend in an oven often referred to as a car.



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