Dominos Minus Functioning Credit Card Machine


Domino’s Pizza in Alamosa Colorado probably owes its existence to Adams State University which means the national franchise can not afford to have any of its franchise owners operating without a credit card machine.

The Dominos you see, next to a payday loan place, announced to us they were only accepting cash because the credit card machine was not working. Since we get 3% cash back on all dining and travel, we took our business elsewhere as did the irritated older woman you see in picture exiting the famous pizza delivery enterprise.

We actually found out their machine was not functioning by observing the customer ahead of us in line. He took a few minutes to place his large order only to be told he would have to consummate the transaction with greenbacks!

As we exited, we saw him going out to his car asking his daughter if she had any cash. A place like this with a dysfunctional credit card device should just close their doors until it is repaired rather than inconvenience loyal customers.

AND we were just craving some of their insanely gastronomic oven baked sandwiches!


Domino's in Alamosa Colorado not accepting credit cards due to broken machine
Domino’s in Alamosa Colorado not accepting credit cards due to broken machine

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  1. I read that an actual job interview question for aspiring Domino’s employees is “What do you tell an agitated customer when credit card machine is not working?” We would have preferred “Our supervisor/owner is too lazy to fix the problem, but we are still required to apologize and put on smiley face and take crap from people like you”. I would have tipped the employee who said just that! I don’t live in Alamosa any more but wish Valerie Hagedorn the very best. One of the best leaders and caring people I have ever known.

  2. Ronald Singer represented Alamosa proudly by gouging eyes of an aggressive female grizzly through his tent while camping in Yellowstone park!!!!

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