Double Leg Amputee Hollywood Walk of Fame


The picture you see is a double leg amputee in wheelchair close to the Elsie Janis star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not sure if he was a war veteran.  He definitely was not faking it like the guy exposed by You Tube contributor Arix CR. His metal prosthetic legs seemed fairly new and he was not overtly begging from passerbys or tourists.

Also, all due compassion to the recent amputees from the Boston terror attacks who have an able and intelligent advocate in Mike LaForgia.  However, how much compassion should we give to the Mary Browns of the world who panhandle( Florida) then goad police officers into looking bad on social media producing bogus public outcrys? Lindsey Bever, still in shock over Trump rattling her liberal world, posted a video detailing the alleged misconduct of the officers.  Lindsey needs to write objectively about all the lowlifes out there trying to create an event where they can file a bogus lawsuit.

You have to have sympathy for the limited mobility these people endure, but not for the aggressive solictors for Dream Tours who get in your personal space while you are enjoying the stars, and then get mad when you ignore them.



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