Efficiently run Auction in Roswell NM


We just love driving through Roswell on our long trip to San Antonio every year. Always something quaint and unique each time through. This year we caught wind of an auction just off of Main Street(highway US285) one  street to the east on Virginia Avenue.

The bidding card you see below for Wild West Auctions emphasizes honesty first which was made evident by the throngs of locals who showed up on this pleasant but chilly Saturday morning.

The bidding terms included the usual caveat emptors  such as items are purchased as is, 10% buyer premium, pick up merchandise in a timely fashion or incur additional charges, no refunds due to bidder error, buyer should ascertain the validity of the description of  any auction item, etc.

Our daughter developed a big crush over the handsome young cowboy auctioneer to the point she wanted to bid on him! There were some severe/humorous bidding wars with the auctioning group attempting to whip the bidders into a frenzy with resonating YES YES each time a bid was made outside the eyesight of the handsome lead auctioneer. One woman was miffed that an older gentleman aggressively outbid a young girl for a doll she wanted and that he apparently desired for his granddaughter!

In one instance, a bidder offered a ridiculously low price on an item to which the auctioneer retorted So you only want to buy half of it? That particular item ended up being a pass meaning they will try to sell it next time. There were quite a few things we wanted, but we always got outbidded except on a living room curio my wife liked that nobody else was interested in.  Oh well, we liked it so much, we might even make special trip to Alien City for what appears to be a quarterly event according to some of the friendly locals we engaged!

Finally, the bidding card you see mentioned a referral program where bidders would be paid to bring in folks who are also interested in bidding on the wares in WWA warehouse. We directed our inquiries to a friendly woman at the cashiers window and did not get a particularly clear answer as to how much the referrer would be paid for bringing in additional business. Best I can tell, its not enough to bring in bidders. To get a referral fee, the bidders your bring in must outbid the competition and make a purchase. That is fair enough.



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  1. Speaking of bidding wars in a much different light, Western Builders Company Incorporated of Las Cruces submitted a lower bid than Rhoads Company for the new addition to Tobosa developmental services. Tobosa helps retarded families and individuals. These days that is called developmental disabilities.

    County commissioners James Duffey pined and wailed how he would have loved to have given a half million dollars to the hometown contractor company, but cut the check $439,000 to las cruces firm.

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