Exceptional Cajun Entertainment-Pike Place Seattle


What a pain it is these days for those who value their privacy! One’s own apartment or home is frequently being filmed by their neighbor’s security cameras. You have to put on presentable clothing just to pick up your driveway newspaper.

Such was the case in the video frame below shot at the famous Public Market Center/Farmers Market(Pike Place) in Seattle, Washington USA. The woman you see entering the market area was about to block the view of professional Cajun musicians dancing. It certainly was not her fault as the area was simutaneously a shopping and entertainment venue.

In the background was a gorgeous young, blonde with striking red lipstick moving  rhythmically with her partner to some Cajun Tunes. Yes, there was a talented saxophone player in the background who got up close and personal with some of the more engaging audience members. The group earned their income from a tip barrel placed in front of their performance spot. The band leader frequently implored those watching to toss in a few bucks.

I observed the entire band counting their tip money disconsolately. The band broke up with the attractive female performer exiting somberly by herself burdened by a backpack. We saw her male dance buddy playing the horn by himself at a nearby corner 5 minutes later.

I’m here to tell you that group was talented and I am not sure why they have NOT surfaced in the lime light somewhere! Good luck to yall and I hope you achieve the recognition and compensation you deserve!!


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