Fighting the Scourge of Pet Poop


My father was a property owner and landlord in Midland, TX. I remember him complaining about a few of his rental properties near major thoroughfares. The issue was irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs crap all over the lawn and not clean up after their pet.

I thought about Dad while vacationing in Colorado. We passed the Cobblestone Apartments and as you can see in the “No Dog Poop” Picture, the apartment owner clearly does not want pedestrians allowing their dogs to poop all over the apartment lawn!

Read the piece by Crystal Ray about how to prevent your neighbor’s dog or cat from crapping ¬†all over your well manicured lawn. Crystal does a nice job of describing, in a very civil fashion, how to keep unwanted pet excrement off your grass.

Also pet owners who walk their dogs on paved jogging/walking trails should get their dog off the trail if the dog needs to poop OR clean the dog feces off the trail OTHERWISE as this very irate Roswell,NM citizen angrily notes on the Cielo Grande jogging trail.

Property Owners fighting pets pooping on their property

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