Finding a Job Offer Under your Windshield Wiper


Desert Sun Auto Group LLC in Roswell ┬áNM must think it’s citizens do not read help wanted ads in the classified section of newspaper.

We found this help wanted(now hiring) placard under our windshield wiper near Hobby Lobby in the mall parking lot. They need 26 employees indicating either exceptional growth or extremely high turnover. Most of the jobs are in car detail, parts, service, and body shop. They also need a webmaster or somebody to oversee internet sales.

No experience is required and they mention a $2000 guarantee which appears to be the cost of their in house training.

It is rather disconcerting Desert Sun looks for help in this fashion. It seems to speak to the low level of literacy in Alien City due to over reliance on social media.

Help wanted insert under windshield wiper at mall in Roswell NM


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