Fire Inspectors will work with small churches on Inspection Costs


Most church goers are probably aware that there are expenses involved to keep the doors of their sanctuary open. Fire and safety inspections are one of the many costs required to allow one to worship in the church of their choosing.

Fire Inspector Skip Moorhead ┬ácompleted an inspection of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Lovington,NM on January 29, 2015. I believe some small towns will waive the cost of the safety inspection given the emotional and spiritual support a church can provide to the community.

Keith S. Frangiamore, certified fire protection specialist, can provide some money saving tips for cash strapped churches with waning attendance and low tithings. He mentions that if there are costly items or repairs requiring attention to achieve fire safety compliance, most inspectors will grant additional time and cost reduction ideas. In a highly regulated society like the United States, businesses and Churches can struggle to keep their head above water trying to avoid the financial burden of compliance. Keith points out that compliance often hinges only on operational issues and are easily corrected at minimal expense.

Compliance with fire code notice in small town church
Compliance with fire code notice in small town church







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  1. Roswell Mayor Kintigh tried to save the city money by hiring Precision Fireworks of Era, TX for $45, 000. Dennis said they would not have to have to pay the fire department overtime that way.

    Watching Los Lonely Boys made it worth the time to travel to Cielo Grande Park though!

    1. Jesse Williams, president of Precision Fireworks, stated that fire chief Devin Graham called him screaming that the pyrotechnics display was going to be fucked up.(Scott Kwit produced excellent video on this theme) It was very windy on July 4rth night. I guess Devin never got the memo that Dennis did not want to pay the RFD. Look boys…..just the cost of the fireworks last year was 45K and you expect to get the same quality by paying a bunch of Texans the same price for fireworks, logistics, and music. Pull your head out of your asses! You always get what you pay for!
      Stephen Fox was running the show and he can’t do squat about the high speed wind so common in roswell. Why was Graham even in the loop?

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