Fishy Business


We entered the only Long John Silvers in Roswell NM USA on a cold night in early December. There were no attendants behind the counter, but a booth across from the soft drink dispenser was filled with employees and one of their friends. They tuned and glanced our way as one of the young Hispanic employees rushed towards the cash register to take our order.

The fish and corn on the Cobb we ingested were up to the usual LJS standards. On the way out of the restaurant or fish fast food place, near the bell you ring if you enjoyed your dining experience, was the name of the General manager next to a phone number without the area code. Ernie Lopez did provide what appeared to be a corporate email address, but we still wondered if the omission of the area code was intentional. We checked the area code for the region which was 505 I think.

This eating establishment which derives its name from The book Treasure Island is located on Highway 285 and franchise should not assume every customer is a Roswellite.




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