Four Men in line on their Smart Phones


Women take a lot of criticism for gossiping and always being on the phone, but this picture of 4 men all using their smart phone is solid proof that men are no different than women when it comes to gossiping.

The photograph you see was taken at Burrito Express in Roswell, New Mexico and shows 4 men standing in line, one after the other, all completely absorbed by whatever happens to be on the display of the their smart phones. In the old days, quite a bit of social activity took place while waiting in line. Perhaps, catching up with an old colleague or neighbor that you had not seen in many moons.

Nowadays people waiting in line often have their heads down and make no overtures towards striking up a conversation with anyone in their proximity.  What do you want to bet that the four men that you see on their cell phones during lunch break also tie up their family bathroom while pecking away at their smart phone keyboard?!

To call smart phone usage an addiction/epidemic is probably a little hyperbolic, but we should be alert to the negative social consequences of excessive cell phone usage!

Men in line all on their Smart Phone
Men in line all on their Smart Phone

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  1. Thorin Klosowski Would have a field day with this picture of people waiting in line yacking on their cell phones.

    Thorin Failed to mention in his article that most movie theaters forbid phones even being on due to their brightness. Galaxy 8 Allen theaters in Roswell NM will evict or kick out anybody on their smartphone during viewing of movie WITHOUT refunding admission or ticket price! Way it should BE.

    Also the article by Samit Sarkur, titled one more reason to stay home, is the reason we NEVER go to AMC anymore.
    Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Theatres parent company AMC Entertainment, stated his company is trying to target millennials, since they don’t go out to the movies as often as other age groups. Just understand Mr Aron that you lose one middle aged adult for every immature 22 year old who demands to distract those around her who are trying to watch the movie!

    Hollywood may have a problem with millennials according to Claire Atkinson, but everybody else has a problem with millennials(18-24 year olds) who openly defy theatre rules by talking loud and blinding nearby patrons with cell phone light.

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