Gorillas, Lawyers and Animal Bites


I was reminded of the daughter of a family friend who was bitten by a cat(that’s right, NOT a dog) when we were driving around in Lubbock TX a few weeks back.

She contracted osteomyelitis, the medical term for bone infection, after never mentioning the cat bite to mom. Only by chance did they ever discover it was an animal bite that was causing bone recession and shrinkage. A lawyer friend who was a member of their church linked the two events, overhearing a conversation between Sunday school and church sermon, after bone loss had started.

The puncture wound caused by bite healed concealing the nastier harder to diagnose bone Infection. I never was privy to the outcome of the litigation, nor the lawyer they retained.

I guess you are wondering what this has to do with driving around Buddy Holly town. The building, with Texas Tech logo, in the picture has a huge Gorilla perched menacingly on its roof. The personal injury lawyer who works there also advertises his willingness to litigate dog,cat, and rodent bite cases.

Not sure what intent of Gorilla placement is other than an overt attention grab. In a huge college town,  personal injury cases from driving under the influence of booze would be enough to live in a nice house and drive a nice car with no need for such a gimmick.

Giant Gorilla statue on building in Lubbock TX
Giant Gorilla statue on building in Lubbock TX



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  1. I took Latin from Brandon Beck in Boston and was not aware he settled in Lubbock, Texas. I knew he might become a lawyer some day because of his interest in the various liberal and conservative interpretations of the Fourth Amendment. He also had an anxiety, almost an obsession with what was required to pull in Witnesses who were afraid to testify in high profile cases or even cases in small towns like Carlsbad, Artesia, or Roswell, NM. I believe there was a case in Roswell where a guy was beating his wife weekly and everybody knew it! He got off because of the fear factor he created which prevented anybody from testifying against him. Too bad Brandon does not reside there to help out against such a serious problem.

    1. Are you writing about Brandon L. Beck who was marked female at birth, but fantasized about being male? I knew her/him at Rice in Houston, TX when she/he spoke in sophisticated manner about being non-binary at Ginger Man Pub. Brandon probably had the gender reassignment surgery. Brave gal/guy who probably was integral part of LGBT/Proud to be Queer movement.

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