Grass roots Voting South East NM


The all rights reserved Dominion voting form you see in the picture was one of the votes that propelled Louis R. Mestas to victory in the district 2 School board election in Roswell NM according to a group at Roswell mall just after the polls closed there.

Nicole Austin was a worthy adversary and would  have also made a fine RISD board member. Me and my daughters were the 401, 402, 403rd registered voters at the Roswell Mall. I live in Roswell about half the year and took their word on the fine credentials and qualifications of Mestas. He was stationed at Naval base in Subic Thailand I believe. According to my daughters, he was an educator and a counselor in the school system contrasted with the losing candidate who works in the private sector with not as many ties to academia.

Thanks to both candidates for their love of the city and RISD.


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  1. RETRACTION: Nicole R Austin beat Louis Mestas by 102(424-322)votes to retain her district 2 school board seat in Roswell NM. Congratulations to the incumbent and apologies for erroneous report. A writer is only as good as his sources and I should have checked mine more carefully.

    Congratulations to Gedde for his victory over DOCTOR Peggy Sue Brewer. We still love you Peggy Sue, pretty pretty pretty Peggy Sue….long live buddy holly.

    1. Are you happy now Roswell people? Your elected hatchet woman Nicole Austin was part of the firing squad for an under appreciated and unfairly chastised superintendent named Tom Burris

      1. Nicole Austin is a hypocrite. She lists her three priorities as faith, family, and my career( lending money to RISD)

        The correct order was forcing Burris to retire, making money for Pioneer bank, family, and faith.

        Nicole retired because she accomplished her goal of axing a very competent superintendent. Now she can focus on signing off on low interest loans for school district.

        Denise Dawson spewed the usual platitudes. What is job description of Roswell education association president?

        1. Nicole Austin, in a peculiar turnaround, is now running for district 2 school board seat. She resigned so fast from president position the door didn’t come close to hitting her ass back in July.

          Her three reasons for seeking public office are Pioneer Bank, Pioneer Bank, Pioneer Bank. Don’t worry, faith still in top 10.

          Another finance industry candidate, Pamela K. Boyd, threw her name in the hat along with ordained pastor Barbara Norfor and Kathleen Pittman.

          1. I wish retired educator Louis Mestas would run against Austin, but his Tobosa Developmental Services is well positioned to compete with MECA therapists LLC.

            Tobosa helps mentally challenged adults live independently. Former educators like Louis just keep on giving back to the community even after the immense contributions he made molding the character of our young people!!

    2. Was reading the insert in RDR about school board elections. Austin was asked if she had any contractual business with RISD by Tom McDonald(squeaky clean far left dude). Nicole replied NO which is right on the margin of a big time fib! She is an agent of Pioneer Bank which has substantive contractual business with THE ROSWELL INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT(like they lend them a lot of dinero). So since she is senior VP and chief lending officer at Pioneer Bank, her reply of NO smacks of deception. Conflict of interests dripping out your ears and nose. I guess nobody really gives a crap based on the anemic board election turnout.

      1. I did NOT know Pioneer Bank was RISD’s number one lender. Do you think Pioneer Bank gives the school district better interest rates than individual citizens? Are the rates they give RISD public record? I will write letter to editor on the matter.

      2. Jean Pruitt of Lubbock Texas seems to care more about the disarray induced by the new RISD school board than the citizens of Roswell! Maybe she has grandchildren here? She called Nicole Austin a liar for saying no teaching positions had been cut at last board meeting.

  2. Del Jurney, former Mayor, is fighting the forces of ignorance by contemplating another mayoral campaign. He is a good man with a moderate disposition who would certainly be backed by the influential and charismatic Natasha Mackey.

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